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More About Bowenwork®

Bowenwork® is a gentle, manual therapy that releases restrictions in the body. It promotes deep relaxation and relieves muscular tension. Bowenwork® is a specific series of muscle and connective tissue moves that initiates healing in every system of the body. It encourages improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins from the body.


It works on both structural and energetic levels. Bowenwork® moves are processed through the central nervous system and serve to balance the autonomic nervous system; the system that regulates fight and flight, rest and digest.


Sessions almost always start lying face down on the treatment table. Nicki will make sets of specific, gentle, light, rolling moves over muscles, ligaments and tendons.  It will NOT feel like a massage, but it will be extremely relaxing. 

After a set of moves is completed, Nicki will leave the room for 2 minutes or more. This time is absolutely essential for the communication process to happen and body corrections to take place. You may feel sensations in unrelated parts of the body from where Nicki is working directly. That is because she is utilizing acupressure points throughout the body. 


There might be moves performed on the neck and hands start twitching. Clients often describe sensations as feeling like an "unwinding" is happening.  If that is your experience, please tell Nicki so more time is allowed for your body to absorb and love the process; take advantage of the progress and allow the work to happen.


Clients will often report things like: "I knew you weren't in the room but it felt like your hands were still on me."  Nothing to worry about, it's just your nerves being a little confused while they grasp their new assignment promoting deep relaxation.

More About Nicki

As a registered nurse for over 30 years, Nicki has a deep understanding of the healing journey. She is passionate about finding ways to help people find their way back to wellness by sharing her first hand, practical and intuitive knowledge and skills. Nicki not only helps to facilitate the healing process during your treatment, she also empowers you with information and techniques that you can use to keep progressing between sessions.

Nicki discovered Bowenwork in 2014 and decided to go all-in in 2022.  When she is not "nerding out" on Bowenwork®, she hiking with her dogs, playing with her grandkids, taking advantage of all the playgrounds the PNW has to offer and working in the recovery room where she helps stamp out pain and save lives in the western tradition. 


Gwen H, RN, Eugene,OR

  "I went to see Nicki for neck pain. She noticed I was having allergy symptoms and asked if I would like to work on that as well.  I have missed work due to the severities of my allergies. At times my face was lopsided from swelling due to congestion. In my wildest dreams I never even thought to ask about allergy relief from just body work. After the first session, my symptoms were drastically improved. That night I slept with my mouth closed which allowed me to get the best rest I’d had in a long time. After the second session I put away my Neti pot and no longer use any medication. My family is as impressed as I am."

Zack M., Eugene, OR

 "6 years of wrestling caused a chronic shoulder injury in my dominant arm. That was 23 years ago. 8 years of satellite dish installation added to the condition.  I was arranging for a steroid injection when Bowenwork was offered as a simpler solution. One session with Nicki and I have absolutely no residual issues with pain or range of motion. Being very physical on a day to day basis is much easier now and I can perform better than ever. I continue to see Nicki as needed; I do tend to create a new injury from time to time."

Jasmine J, Eugene, OR

Try it before you knock it, a lesson learned from a skeptic: I've tried it all - chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, cupping, following strict stretching/exercise physical therapy routines. I've been battling chronic injury for the past few years, and know that some of my ailments I'll have to live with, but managing them is key. I'll admit, I was reluctant to try some of the "alternative" care methods out there, and while some of them helped, it was always the same thing, as soon as life got in the way of the intense regimen of care, I was back to square one - which is incredibly frustrating when you've spent so much time and money looking for lasting relief. Then came Bowen! After my first session, I knew I'd discovered something different. The sensation is like nonother from any other care I've received, and the effects long lasting. It's noninvasive, gentle, relaxing, and yet, impactful! Bowen practitioner, Nicki, at Bowen Body Balancing, is an absolute delight to work with, she ensured I felt comfortable, communicated clearly, was professional, and most importantly gave me the much needed lasting relief I was looking for. Bowen has helped with everything from TMJ and migraines to back pain and shoulder mobility. I might not be able to describe exactly how Bowen works, like Nicki can, but I can attest to its astonishing results! So from a former skeptic, I encourage you to give Bowen Body Balancing a try if you're looking for real relief and lasting results! Thank you, Bowen Body Balancing for improving my quality of life! 

Emily G, Physician. Eug, OR

Nikki is a skilled Bowen practitioner. Her background in nursing and bodybuilding give her a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology. Bowen is now part of my monthly routine, helping alleviate the aches and pains of exercise and repetitive muscle stress from daily life. 

Cheri C, Eugene, OR

”Menstrual cramps wrecked me every month. When they come around, I know it’s time to schedule a Bowenwork session. I’m so grateful I found this thing I didn’t know I should have been looking for!"

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